A B O U T   M E
Hazhir Dolatkhah, PhD

   Position: postdoctoral fellow
   E-mail: hazhir.dolakthah@savba.sk
   Tel. (+421 2) 20910708
   Office 104
   Personal webpage: http://quantum.physics.sk/

List of publications
  1. Saeed Haddadi, Ming-Liang Hu, Youssef Khedif, Hazhir Dolatkhah, Mohammad Reza Pourkarimi, Mohammed Daoud:
    Measurement uncertainty and dense coding in a two-qubit system: Combined effects of bosonic reservoir and dipole–dipole interaction | pdf |
    Results in Physics 32, 105041 (2022)
  1. Hazhir Dolatkhah, Abolhassan Mohammadi, Soroush Haseli:
    The tripartite quantum-memory-assisted entropic uncertainty relation and upper bound on shareability of quantum discord
  2. Hazhir Dolatkhah, Saeed Haddadi, Soroush Haseli, Mohammad Reza Pourkarimi, Mário Ziman:
    Tripartite quantum-memory-assisted entropic uncertainty relations for multiple measurements