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[PHOTO] 20/05 11:00
Mio Murao (Tokyo)
Higher order quantum operations of blackbox unitaries
Supermaps are functions taking maps as input. Quantum mechanically implementable supermaps are called quantum supermaps and their general properties are formulated by the framework of quantum networks and quantum combs proposed by Chiribella et al. We consider the implementability of supermaps in quantum mechanics when the input maps are unitaries given as blackboxes and the unitary blackboxes can be used multiple but finite times. We regard such direct implementations of supermaps for blackbox quantum operations with multiple uses of the blackboxes as higher order quantum operations. We investigate how the causal structure of these unitary blackboxes affects their performance in implementing higher order quantum operations. We analyze two tasks, inversion of blackbox unitaries and controllization of divisible blackbox unitaries.
[PHOTO] 29/05 11:00
Aleksander Marcin Kubicki (Valencia)
Resource Quantification for the No-Programming Theorem
The no-programming theorem prohibits the existence of a Universal Programmable Quantum Processor. This statement has several implications in relation to quantum computation, but also to other tasks of quantum information processing, making this construction a central notion in this context. Nonetheless, it is well known that even when the strict model is not implementable, it is possible to conceive of it in an approximate sense. Unfortunately, the minimal resources necessary for this aim are still not completely understood. Here, we investigate quantitative statements of the theorem, improving exponentially previous bounds on the resources required by such a hypothetical machine. The proofs exploit a new connection between quantum channels and embeddings between Banach spaces which allows us to use classical tools from geometric Banach space theory in a clean and simple way.
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