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Quantum Walks

Within the theory of Quantum Computation we may find several models reaching this aim. One such method is the utilization of Quantum Walks, which are 'counterparts' to classical random walks. Such construction can then provide us with different speed-ups and, hence, may lead to algorithms, that are faster than their classical counterparts. I am especially interested in the model of Scattering Quantum Walks.


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Joint Measurability

Joint measurability of sharp observables is a well studied problem. It is well known, that two sharp observables are jointly measurable if and only if they commute. Under scrutinized look, however, study of observables is more involved. One can go even further by considering different types of measurement and look on the coexistence within these models.


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See also Coexistence of Qubit Effects from The Wolfram Demonstrations Project, contributed by: Peter Stano, Daniel Reitzner, and Teiko Heinosaari

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