P R E V I O U S   S E M I N A R S
20/02 Nidhin Sudarsanan Ragini (Bratislava) Discrimination and labeling of quantum measurements
13/02 Arash Ghoreishi (Bratislava) Advantages of quantum communication revealed by the reexamination of hyperbit
22/01 Yago Llorens (Barcelona) Quantum multi-anomaly detection
08/01 Hamed M. Mohammady (Bratislava) Quantum measurements constrained by the third law of thermodynamics

19/12 Daniel Reitzner (Espoo) Building the Quantum Computing Infrastructure
29/11 Samgeeth Puliyil (Bratislava) Thermodynamic Signatures of Genuinely Multipartite Entanglement
22/11 Michał Studziński (Gdansk) Group representation approach to Port-based Teleportation and its variants
11/10 Fereshte Shahbeigi (Krakow) Quantumly (non-)Markovian Classical Maps
19/09 Wun-Hao Kang (Tainan) Transverse Magnetic Focusing Simulation on Spin-Orbit Coupled Graphene
13/09 Kyrylo Simonov (Vienna) Informational and thermodynamic applications of higher-order maps with indefinite causal orders
12/09 Oskari Kerppo (Jyväskylä) Partial-ignorance communication tasks in quantum theory
12/09 Kieran Flatt (Daejeon) Sequential Maximum Confidence Measurements
29/06 Natália S. Móller (Bratislava) Indefinite causal order: on implementations and fundamental questions
15/06 Ramón Muñoz Tapia (Barcelona) Quantum Change points
31/05 Nelson Yokomizo (Minas Gerais, online) Quantum switch on a superposition of spherical shells
23/05 Wahab Almuhtadi (Ottawa, Canada) Optical Communication Networks Optimization
18/05 Hamed Mohammady (Brussels) Generalised Wigner-Araki-Yanase theorem
02/05 Robert Stárek: (Olomouc) Measurement-device independent quantum tomography
02/05 Nikola Horová (Bratislava) Deterministic controlled enhancement of local quantum coherence
27/04 Soham Sau (Espoo) Binary search trees for generalized measurements
14/04 Anna Jenčová (Bratislava) Recoverability of quantum channels via hypothesis testing
16/03 Saeid Salari (Trnava) Gas Sensing Properties of Ferrite Nanoparticles
09/03 Denis Kochan (Bratislava) Graphene spintronics: relaxation and proximity
02/03 Mário Ziman (Bratislava) Divisibility of quantum channels
16/02 Djeylan Aktas (Bratislava) From demultiplexing strategies for QKD to groundbreaking schemes for quantum metrology
26/01 Roman Krčmár (Bratislava) Ising ferromagnets and antiferromagnets in an imaginary magnetic field
20/01 Leevi Leppäjärvi (Bratislava) Incompatibility of quantum instruments: part II
12/01 Michal Sedlák (Bratislava) Incompatibility of quantum instruments

29/11 Yung-Cheng Kao (Taipei) miniCOURSE: The generation of entangled photon pairs III
22/11 Yung-Cheng Kao (Taipei) miniCOURSE: The generation of entangled photon pairs II
15/11 Yung-Cheng Kao (Taipei) miniCOURSE: The generation of entangled photon pairs I
08/11 Daniel Reitzner (Espoo) Anticipative measurements in hybrid quantum-classical computation
14/09 Peter Staňo (Riken) Bayesian estimation (of correlation functions)
30/08 Natália S. Móller (RCQI) miniCOURSE: Quantum clocks and indefinite causal order IV
16/08 Natália S. Móller (RCQI) miniCOURSE: Quantum clocks and indefinite causal order III
09/08 Natália S. Móller (RCQI) miniCOURSE: Quantum clocks and indefinite causal order II
02/08 Natália S. Móller (RCQI) miniCOURSE: Quantum clocks and indefinite causal order I
10/06 David Davalos (RCQI) Toolbox for quantum channels and their decompositions and simulability using dynamical maps IV
03/06 David Davalos (RCQI) Toolbox for quantum channels and their decompositions and simulability using dynamical maps III
24/05 Manik Banik (IISER-TVM, India) Composition of multipartite quantum systems: perspective from time-like paradigm
20/05 David Davalos (RCQI) Toolbox for quantum channels and their decompositions and simulability using dynamical maps II
13/05 David Davalos (RCQI) Toolbox for quantum channels and their decompositions and simulability using dynamical maps I
12/05 Mária Kieferová (Sydney) Training quantum neural networks with an unbounded loss function
06/05 Djeylan Aktas (RCQI) Entanglement distribution in demultiplexed environment for practical quantum key distribution network
05/05 Sheikh Sazim (RCQI) Mermin and Svetlichny inequalities for non-projective measurement observables
18/03 Alessandro Bisio (Pavia) Quantum simulation of scattering processes
16/02 Leevi Leppäjärvi (RCQI) miniCOURSE: Introduction to general probabilistic theories III
01/02 Leevi Leppäjärvi (RCQI) miniCOURSE: Introduction to general probabilistic theories II
27/01 Djeylan Aktas (RCQI) Experimental quantum photonics for quantum communications
21/01 Leevi Leppäjärvi (RCQI) miniCOURSE: Introduction to general probabilistic theories I
20/01 Chiranjib Mukhopadhyay (RCQI) Quantum charging advantage cannot be extensive without global operations

12/11 Ritajit Majumdar (Indian Statistical Institute) Optimization and noise reduction in the ansatz circuit design of QAOA for Max-Cut
27/10 Clement Pellegrini (Toulouse) Quantum trajectories: large time behaviour/invariant measure
26/10 Ion Nechita (Toulouse) Free spectrahedra and compatibility of quantum measurements
09/07 Denisa Lampášová (RCQI) Key Takeaways from Recent Quantum Challenges
04/06 Alessandro Tosini (Pavia) Information and disturbance in operational probabilistic theories
26/05 Martin Plávala (Siegen) Operational Theories in Phase Space: Toy Model for the Harmonic Oscillator
19/05 Chiranjib Mukhopadhyay (Bratislava) Introduction to Pseudodensity Matrices
16/04 Hamed Mohammady (Brussels) Quantum measurements produce classical heat
09/04 Natália Móller (Bratislava) Quantum switch in gravitational scenarios
26/03 Chandan Datta (Warsaw) Catalytic Entanglement
17/03 Peter Staňo (Riken/RCQI) Optimal phase estimation of a qubit
05/03 Martin Plávala (Siegen) Jordan products of quantum channels and their compatibility
25/02 Martin Bohmann (Vienna) Exploiting Hyperentanglement for Quantum Communication
19/02 Roman Krčmár (Bratislava) Automatic forward differentiation
05/02 Daniel Nagaj (Bratislava) Derandomization and quantum computation
15/01 Denisa Lampášová (Bratislava) An insightful tour through the Fall 2020 IBM Quantum Challenge

21/12 Daniel Nagaj (Bratislava) Physics and Complexity 3: Uncomputability
01/12 Gautam Sharma (Chennai) Four dimensional Bloch vector representation of a qutrit state
04/11 Daniel Nagaj (Bratislava) Physics and Complexity 2: Universality
20/10 Daniel Nagaj (Bratislava) Physics and Complexity 1: Complexity and algorithms
30/06 Hamed Mohammady (Bratislava) Stochastic quantum thermodynamics of projective measurements via coarse-grained trajectories
23/06 Sazim Sheikh (Bratislava) Classical Communications with Indefinite Causal Order for N completely depolarizing channels
16/06 Daniel Nagaj (Bratislava) Easing the Monte Carlo sign problem
09/06 Daniel Reitzner (Bratislava) Practical aspects of generalized measurements implementation
28/01 Erkka Haapasalo (Shanghai) Equivalence between marginal problems of states and compatibility problems of quantum channels

26/11 Soeda Akihito (Tokyo) Optimality of a parallel scheme in determining the equivalence of unknown unitary operations
14/08 Harry Miller (Exeter) Work fluctuations in slow processes: quantum signatures and optimal control
29/05 Aleksander Marcin Kubicki (Valencia) Resource Quantification for the No-Programming Theorem
20/05 Mio Murao (Tokyo) Higher order quantum operations of blackbox unitaries
17/05 Shivang Srivastava (Bratislava) Cryptoanalysis of general noiseless QSS-NQC Protocol II
07/05 Shivang Srivastava (Bratislava) Cryptoanalysis of general noiseless QSS-NQC Protocol I
24/04 Debmalya Das (Allahābād) Quantum heat engine using energy quantization and resources of degeneracy.
16/04 Jaroslav Pavličko (Bratislava) Machine Learning III
09/04 Jaroslav Pavličko (Bratislava) Machine Learning II
19/03 Jaroslav Pavličko (Bratislava) Machine Learning I
12/03 Leevi Leppäjärvi (Turku) Measurement simulability in general probabilistic theories
05/03 Tomáš Gonda (Waterloo) Abstract resource theories
12/02 Shivang Srivastava (Bratislava) Quantum secret sharing for a multipartite system under energy dissipation
22/01 Jozef Genzor (Kobe) Classical Ising model on 3D fractal lattice & Sierpiński carpet
15/01 Andreas Schell (Brno) Hybrid Assembly of Elements for Quantum Networks

17/12 Sanjaye Ramgoolam (London) String dualities, quantum fields and quantum information processing
12/11 Mark Hil​l​ery (New York) Coherence and wave-particle duality
23/10 Teiko Heinosaari (Turku) Fundamental limitations for qubit as an information carrier
07/06 Tom Bullock (Turku) Non-Markovian entanglement breaking channels
31/07 Shantanav Chakraborty (Brussels) Finding a marked node on any graph by continuous time quantum walk
10/05 Seyed Arash Ghoreishi (Mashhad) Quantum state discrimination through quantum state distinguishability
04/04 P. K. Mohanty (Kolkata) Continuously Varying Critical Exponents Beyond Weak Universality
29/03 Daniel Nagaj (Bratislava) Uncomputability
27/02 Sergii Strelchuk (Cambridge) Optimal Port-based Teleportation in Arbitrary Dimension
18/01 Sergey N. Filippov (Moscow) Time deformations of master equations.
11/01 Daniel Nagaj (Bratislava) Boson sampling

20/12 Martin Bureš (Prague) Stability on extra-dimensional physics
14/12 Martin Plavala (Bratislava) Conditions on the compatibility of channels in General Probabilistic Theory and their connection to steering and Bell nonlocality
13/12 Chrysoula Vlachou (Lisbon) Quantum key distribution with quantum walks
07/12 Roope Uola (Siegen) A unified picture for spatial, temporal and channel steering
24/11 Pavol Zajac (Bratislava) Postquantum cryptography
23/11 Errka Haapasalo (Kjoto) The unavoidable information flow to environment in quantum measurements
20/11 Andras Bodor (Pecs) Receiver operation characteristics of quantum state discrimination
16/11 Mario Ziman (Bratislava) Quantum channel factorization
09/11 Jaroslav Pavličko (Bratislava) Hidden subgroup problem algorithms
26/10 Roman Krčmár (Bratislava) Quantum Sierpinski model
19/10 Peter Rapčan (Bratislava) Entanglement can preserve the compact nature of the phase-space occupancy
21/09 Tomáš Rybár (Bratislava) Incompatibility for Pauli channels and measurements
12/10 Andrej Gendiar (Bratislava) Beyond the Area Law
20/09 Seth Lloyd (MIT) Quantum machine learning
12/09 Mario Ziman (Bratislava) PR box implementation in process theories
05/09 Daniel Reitzner (Bratislava) Finding paths with quantum walks or quantum walking through a maze
17/08 Yuval Sanders (Sydney) Efficiently Detecting Resonance Between a Qubit and its Environment
17/08 Marika Kieferová (Sydney) Quantum Boltzmann Machines For Generative Training And Tomography
20/07 Marco Pezzutto (Lisbon) Implications of non-Markovian quantum dynamics for the Landauer bound
18/07 Alexey Melnikov (Innsbruck) Active learning machine learns to create new quantum experiments
21/06 Alizera Tavanfar (Lisbon) Story of vertons and relatons
19/06 Tom Bullock (Turku) What is the correct way to optimally approximate two incompatible qubit observables?
30/05 Teiko Heinosaari (Turku) Determining coherence with minimal resources
07/04 Pavol Neilinger (Bratislava) Landau-Zener-Stückelberg-Majorana interference and Rabi-like oscillations in circuit QED
21/03 Ilya A. Luchnikov (Moscow) Exact solution of collision models with correlated environment in tensor network formalism and its applications
24/03 Kamil Yu. Magadov (Moscow) Absolutely separating quantum maps and channels
27/02 Peter Vršanský (Bratislava) OUT-OF-THE-BOX (šváb)y – nájdu si cestu fyziky?
17/02 Piotr Frackiewicz (Slupsk) Strong isomorphism in quantum games
30/01 Janos K. Asboth (Budapest) Using Quantum Walks to explore Topological Insulator physics

04/11 11:00 Alessandro Bisio (Pavia) Quantum conditional operations
12/10 Roman Krčmár (Bratislava) Critical properties of the eight-vertex model in a field
07/10 Roman Krčmár (Bratislava) Thermodynamics of truncated tetrahedrons
04/11 Bill Fefferman (Washington) The Power of Quantum Fourier Sampling
30/10 Cedric Yen-Yu Lin (Washington) Hamiltonian Simulation with Optimal Sample Complexity
23/09 Martin Plávala (Bratislava) Equivalence classes of measurements on channels and combs
09/08 Christian Schilling (Oxford, United Kingdom) Fermionic Exchange Symmetry: Quantifying its Influence beyond Pauli's Exclusion Principle
24/06 Mikko Tukainen (Turku, Finland) Approximate quantum programming
21/06 Sergey N. Filippov (Moscow, Russia) Pictorial representation of k-p-divisible dynamical maps
14/06 Ilia Luchnikov (Moscow, Russia) Nonlinear dynamics induced by successive rank-r selective measurements
07/06 Martin Plavala (Bratislava, Slovakia) Conditions for optimal input states for discrimination of quantum channels
02/05 Shantanav Chakraborty (Lisbon)
14/04 Ion Nechita (Toulose) On some classes of bipartite unitary operators
12/02 Daniel Nagaj (Bratislava) Quantum proofs can be verified using only single qubit measurements
04/02 Michal Daniška (Bratislava) Analysis of quantum spin models on hyperbolic lattices and Bethe lattice
28/01 Daniel Reitzner (Bratislava) Incompatibility breaking channels

10/12 10:30 Andrej Gendiar (Bratislava) Can energy reproduce space geometry?
30/11 Maria Jivulescu (Timisoara) Reduction and absolute reduction criteria in quantum information theory
26/11 Jaromír Fiurášek (Olomouc) Quantum controlled-Z gate for weakly interacting qubits
19/11 Tomáš Rybár (Bratislava) SWOT analysis of weak values and weak measurements
12/11 Roman Krčmár (Bratislava) Reentrant disorder-disorder transitions in generalized multicomponent Widom-Rowlinson models
05/11 David Davalos (Mexico City) Non-Markovianity
29/10 Martin Plávala (Bratislava) On symmetry in quantum mechanics
02/10 Daniel Reitzner (Bratislava) Visual Cryptography
11/09 Anna Jenčová (Bratislava) On the convex stucture of process POVM
25/08 Vahid Karimipour (Tehran) Quantum secret sharing without entanglement
15/06 Alexander S. Holevo (Moscow) On the constrained classical communication capacity of infinite-dimensional quantum channel
24/04 Jozef Genzor (Bratislava): Introduction to subriemannian geometry
17/04 Vedran Dunjko (Innsbruck) Projective simulation and quantum enhancements for learning agents
16/04 Nicolai Friis (Innsbruck) Heisenberg scaling in relativistic quantum metrology - Estimation of small parameters in relativity and beyond
10/04 Roman Krčmár (Bratislava) My way from Curzon metric up to entanglement over hyperbolic geometries
27/03 Libor Caha (Bratislava) How to construct a uniform superposition over a solvable group?
13/03 Andrej Gendiar (Bratislava) Influence of geometry on thermodynamical quantities
06/03 Matej Pivoluska (Brno) Device independent randomness generation
27/02 Daniel Nagaj (Bratislava) Can two quantum provers prove more than one?
17/02 Daniel Reitzner (Bratislava) Fixed ... search algorithm
12/02 Denis Horvath (Košice) Algorithms for machine learning and applications
02/02-05/02 Martin Scholtz (Praha) The firewall paradox from the general relativity theory perspective
26/01 Sergey N. Filippov (Moscow) Spectral properties of bipartite fermionic systems

16/12 Matúš Dubecký (Bratislava) Quantum Monte-Carlo method for non-covalent interactions
15/12 Jacques Pienaar (Vienna) A graph-separation theorem for quantum causal models
01/12 Anna Jenčová (Bratislava) On quantum randomization criterion
27/11 Pavol Neilinger (Bratislava) Signal amplification in circuit QED
24/11 Martin Kopáni (Bratislava) On existence of anorganic material (Fe, Si, Cu) in human cells
19/11 Christopher A. Fuchs (Cambridge, Massachusetts) Quantum Theory from Quantum Information? (What would Feynman say?)
10/11 Šimon Valko (Bratislava) Introduction to quantum comb formalism
06/11 Daniel Nagaj (Bratislava) Local tests of global entanglement and a counterexample to the generalized area law
30/10 Przemyslaw Sadowski (Gliwice) Limit theorems for open quantum walks
22/09 Gabor Ballo (Veszprem) Adaptive estimation method for Pauli channels
10/09 Takayuki Miyadera (Kyoto) Energy required for quantum measurements
18/08 Christian Arenz (Aberystwyth) Distinguishing decoherence from alternative quantum theories
10/06 Marcus Cramer (Ulm) A non-commutative Berry-Esseen bound and applications to quantum quenches
03/06 Mikko Tukiainen (Turku) Programmable Quantum Multimeters
02/06 Errka Haapasalo (Turku) Boundariness
30/05 Peter Šiffalovič (Bratislava) Novel materials based on nanoparticles and thin films
22/05 Mária Kieferová (Bratislava) On The Power Of Coherently Controlled Quantum Adiabatic Evolutions
16/05 Edgar Aguilar (Cambridge) Random matrix theory and qubit decoherence
15/05 Lukáš Slodička (Bratislava) Trapping ions
29/04 Libor Caha (Bratislava) qph: Consistency of Local Density Matrices is QMA-complete
25/04 Michal Sedlák (Bratislava) qph: Hilbert's projective metric in quantum information theory
17/04 Peter Rapčan (Bratislava) Direct estimations of linear and non-linear functionals of a quantum state
14/04 1 Mario Ziman (Bratislava) Emergence of temperature (=Gibbs ensemles) in quantum systems
11/04 Peter Filip (Bratislava) Superposition of states in magnetic fields
10/04 Andrea Tabacchini (Sydney) Engineering a Source of Multi-Photon, Multidimensional Spatially Entangled States for Quantum Control of Nanostructures
03/04 Tommaso Calarco (Ulm) Steering many-body quantum dynamics
28/03 Juraj Tekel (Bratislava) Nekomutatívna teória poľa
17/03 Denis Kochan (Regensburg) Graphene spin relaxation
07/03 Kamil Tokár (Bratislava) Phonons, thermodynamics and phase relations in crystallines from QM
21/02 Samuel Kováčik (Bratislava) Laplace-Runge-Lenz vector in noncommutative quantum mechanics
14/02 Andrej Gendiar (Bratislava) Mean-field universality of classical and quantum models induced by hyperbolic lattice curvatures
11/02 10:30 Seth Cottrell (New York)
31/01 Marcel Serina (Bratislava) Physics in DMRG algorithm: derivation of quantum-classical correspondence
27/01 James Daniel Whitfield (Wien) Theoretical limitations to model chemistry
24/01 Jozef Genzor (Bratislava) "Axelred" model in blue net
17/01 Mario Ziman (Bratislava) Quantum thermodynamics: heat and work

19/12 Sabine Andergassen (Vienna) From infinite to two dimensions through the functional renormalization group
13/12 Daniel Manca (Bratislava) Growth of bulk superconductors
12/12 David Reeb (Garching, Germany) (Im-)Proving Landauer's principle
11/12 Teiko Heinosaari (Turku) Coexistence of quantum effects: recent results and open questions
06/12 Sergey N. Filippov (Bratislava) Raman processes as a tool to integrate superconducting and ion-trap quantum information technologies
03/12 Zoltan Zimboras (Bilbao) Higher-order Symmetries in Quantum Control, t-Design and Entanglement Theory
25/11 Peter Rapčan (Bratislava) Can intrinsic randomness be certified?
15/11 Sergey N. Filippov (Bratislava): Entanglement dynamics under Gaussian channels
04/11 Daniel Reitzner (Bratislava): Catalan numbers
25/10 Andrej Gendiar (Bratislava): Variational improvement of Corner Transfer Matrix RG
16/10 Sergey N. Filippov (Bratislava): Dissociation and annihilation of multipartite entanglement structure in dissipative quantum dynamics
14/10 Libor Caha (Bratislava): Is classical witness enough?
27/08 Peter Stano (Bratislava): Majorana fermions
22/08 Jorge Luis Cayao Diaz (Madrid): Shiba states in the context of Majorana physics
21/08 Jorge Luis Cayao Diaz (Madrid): Multiple Andreev reflection and critical current in topological superconducting nanowire junctions
29/07 Mateus Santos (Vienna) (Im)Possibility of controlling an arbitrary gate
26/07 Peter Staňo (Bratislava): Magnetic order in low-dimensional systems.
25/07 Leonardo Novo (Lisbon): Environment-assisted quantum transport in disordered graphs
10/07 Małgorzata Zubaszewska (Zeliona Gora) Critical Casimir force: DMRG simulation of binary liquids
21/06 Šimon Valko (Bratislava): Non-uniform unitary 1-designs
31/05 Michal Daniska (Bratislava): Zero-error capacities
27/05 Sergey N. Filippov (Bratislava): Foundations of statistical and quantum mechanics: reciprocal actions
23/05 Jozef Genzor (Bratislava): 2nd law of thermodynamics from properties of relative entropy
20/05 Marika Kieferová (Bratislava): Entanglement area laws
05/04 Jiří Pittner (Praha): Towards quantum chemistry on quantum computers
04/04 Kristian Petrik (Bratislava): Density Dependent Effective Nuclear Interaction and Compact Stars
04/04 Denis Kochan (Regensburg): Spin-orbit coupling in graphene structures
28/03 Daniel Reitzner (Garching): Measuring non-coexistence of two projections
15/03 Andrej Gendiar (Bratislava): Phase transitions in noneuclidean geometries
14/03 Peter Stano (Bratislava): Time crystals
05/03 Alexey Melnikov (Moskva): TBA or n-LEA
15/02 Michal Daniška (Bratislava): Invitation to quantum DMRG
07/02 Jozef Genzor (Bratislava): Complex networks: Destroying, searching and perspectives
01/02 Peter Rapčan (Bratislava): Direct estimation of decoherence rates
18/01. Sergey Filippov (Bratislava): On operational meaning of entanglement-annihilating channels
11/01 Jozef Genzor (Bratislava): Dynamics of complex networks

13.12. Anna Jenčová (Bratislava): Extremal measurements on quantum channels
04.12. Stephan Weis (Leipzig): Geometry of Gibbsian Families
29.11 Jozef Genzor (Bratislava): Complex Networks II
22.11 Miro Grajcar (Bratislava): Makroskopické kvantové merania v nízkych teplotách
22.11 Jozef Genzor (Bratislava): Complex Networks I
20.11 Michal Daniška (Bratislava): Guide to Superconductivity II
12.11 Matthias Kleinmann (Siegen): Statistical vs. systematic deviations in quantum experiments
08.11 Michal Daniška (Bratislava): Guide to Superconductivity I
26.11 Edward Farhi (MIT): On graph automorphism problem and quantum walks
23.10. Janek Kolodynski (Warszawa): The elusive Heisenberg Limit in quantum enhanced metrology
15.10. Jochen Rau (Darmstadt): Constructing a clock from an arbitrary irreversible process
12.10. Mario Ziman (Bratislava): Direct estimation of quantum parameters
02.10. Michal Sedlák(Bratislava): Testing properties of quantum states
25.09. Janos Bergou (New York): A unified view of the discrimination problem of quantum states
18.09. Libor Cáha (Bratislava): Quantum 2-SAT in 1D geometry
27.08. Daniel Reitzner (Garching, Germany): Mathematics and magic
20.08. Jaromír Fiurášek (Olomouc, Česká repulika): Experimental demonstration of quantum non-Gaussian character of nonclassical states of light
03.08. Tomotoshi Nishino (Osaka, Japan): Sine-squared deformation
09.07. Pavel Hrmo (Edinburgh, UK): Experimental Test of Local Hidden Variable Theories Using Linearly Polarized Gamma Photons
28.06. Oleg Astafiev (Tsukuba, Japan): Quantum optical and coherent quantum phase-slip effects in superconducting circuits
18.06. Andrej Gendiar (Bratislava): Density Matrix Renormalization Group (tutorial)
21.05. Tomáš Rybár (Bratislava): Invitation to estimations of memory channels
30.03. Michal Sedlák (Bratislava): General transformations of unitary channels
29.03. Sabine Andergassen (Wien): Correlation effects in transport through multi-level carbon nanotube quantum dots
26.03. Yuri Pachkin (NEC, Tsukuba): Coulomb blockade devices for electrometry, quantum information processing and quantum metrology
12.03. Daniel Nagaj (Bratislava): Translating quantum circuit algorithms to Adiabatic Quantum Computing
05.03. Matúš Dubecký (Bratislava): Glance at Quantum Chemistry
02.03. Myungshik Kim (London): Quantum nanomechanical oscillators
27.02. Andrej Gendiar (Bratislava): Thermodynamics in Non-Euclidean Geometries
27.02. Andrej Gendiar (Bratislava): Thermodynamics in Non-Euclidean Geometries
24.02. Peter Rapčan (Bratislava): Estimating presected and postselected ensembles (arXiv:1106.0405)
10.02. Stefano Facchini (Bratislava): Probabilistic simulation of quantum channels from future to past (arXiv:1112.1469)
06.02. Andrej Gendiar (Bratislava): Philosophy, discreteness, curved geometries, and entanglement (an introduction)
26.01. Mario Ziman (Zurich/Bratislava): APS colloquium: From uncertainty to entanglement
17.1. Errka Haapasalo (Turku): Diagonal Naimark dilations and extreme POVMs
10.1. Pavel Exner (Praha): Resonances in quantum graphs and similar systems

12.12. Peter Šujak (Praha): Veličiny energie a hybnosti v relativistickej, kvantovej a klasickej mechanike
09.12. Katka Skúpa (Bratislava): Motional effects on the efficiency of excitation transfer
22.11. Jochen Rau (Frankfurt am Main): Assessing thermalization and estimating the Hamiltonian with output data only
18.11. Ling Wang (Vienna): The cluster update for tensor network states
15.11. Stefano Fachcini (Bratislava): Higher order quantum maps
3.11. Michal Sedlák (Pavia): Quantum combs - mathematical formalism for quantum protocols
7.11. Frank Verstraete (Vienna): Entanglement and real space renormalization group methods in quantum field theories
13.10. Michal Daniška (Bratislava): Introduction to Corner Transfer Matrix Renormalization Group
26.9. Vladimír Bužek (Bratislava): On the origin of (statistical) temperature: Is temperature related to quantum entanglement? || video||
12.9. Klaas Bergmann (Kaiserslautern, Germany): Stimulated Raman Adiabatic Passage: Transfer between Quantum States to Perfection
8.9. Yasser Omar (Lisbon, Portugal): Energy transfer along proteins
11.8. Andrzej Drzewiński (Wroclaw, Poland): Modelling of the polymer transport through biological membranes
29.7. Roman Pekarík (Bratislava): Unitárny a analytický model prechodových formfaktorov pseudoskalárnych mezónov
29.7. Peter Staňo (Bratislava): Nuclear spins in nanostructures
8.7. Tomáš Rybár (Bratislava): Tomography of Hamiltonians
28.6. Muhammet Ali Can (Tubitak, Instanbul, Turkey): Unclassified (quantum) cryptography in BILGEM
21.6. Fabio Costa (Wien, Austria): Quantum correlations with no causal order
13.6. George B. Martins (Rochester, USA): Transport in Carbon Nanotubes: 2LSU(2) regime reveals subtle competition between Kondo and Intermediate Valence states
7.6. Michele Dall'Arno (Pavia): Quantum reading of classical digital memories
6.6. Vedran Dunjko (Edinburgh): Blind Quantum Computation
31.5. Nobuyuki Imoto (Osaka): The Great Tohoku Earthquake and Fukushima situations
30.5. Nobuyuki Imoto (Osaka): Beyond quantum mechanics for further understanding quantum mechanics
28.4. Michal Sedlák (Pavia/Bratislava): Minimizing the memory needed for quantum computation
19.4. Tomáš Rybár (Bratislava): Quantum memory depth and quantum walk indices
24.2. Jaromír Fiurášek (Olomouc): High-fidelity noiseless amplification of light
3.2. Tsubasa Ichikawa (Osaka, Japan): Entanglement of Indistinguishable Particles
24.1. Andrej Gendiar (Bratislava): DMRG IV: Algorithm of Density Matrix Renormalization group
17.1. Andrej Gendiar (Bratislava): DMRG III: Matrix Product State Formalism
13.1. Sergey Filippov (Moscow): SICs, MUBs and *-product

9.12. Andrej Gendiar (Bratislava): DMRG II: Corner transfer matrices versus matrix product states
25.11. Andrej Gendiar (Bratislava): DMRG I: Classical and quantum phase transitions
11.11. Lukas Theussl (Bratislava): Why scientific software fails or what we can learn from software engineers
18.10. Beatrix Hiesmayr (Bratislava): Experimentally Feasible Security Check for n-qubit Quantum Secret Sharing
15.10. Daniel Reitzner (Bratislava): Searching for anomalies in symmetric graphs
01.10. Michal Sedlák (Pavia, Italy): Extremality of quantum testers
20.07. Mark Hillery (New York): Conditions for entanglement in multipartite systems
24.06. Denes Petz (Budapest): Quantum Fisher Information
17.06. Michal Sedlák (Pavia): Learning of quantum observables
10.06. Tomáš Rybár (Bratislava): Quantum memory channels
09.06. Mario Ziman (Bratislava): Towards zero-knowledge identification
08.06. Paolo Perinotti (Pavia): A set of operational axioms for quantum mechanics
08.06. Mauro G. D'Ariano (Pavia): Relativity is a consequence of Quantum Theory
07.06. Alessandro Bisio (Pavia): Optimization of quantum circuits
22.04. Daniel Reitzner (RCQI, Bratislava): Amplitude amplification method
06.05. Daniel Nagaj (RCQI, Bratislava): Classical and Quantum Satisfiability
16.04. Lukáš Slodička (Innsbruck, Austria): Electromagnetically Induced Transparency from a Single Atom
15.04. Marco Genoni (Milan, Italy): Quantifying non-Gaussianity for quantum information
18.02. Andrej Gendiar (RCQI): Sine deformation for fermionic systems
04.02. Denis Kochan (FMFI UK, Bratislava): Quantization of non-Lagrangian systems
28.01. Peter Rapčan (RCQI): Unambiguous comparison of squeezed vacua
26.01. Daniel Reitzner (RCQI): Neural networks III
21.01. 10:30 Stano Komorovský (UACH SAV, Bratislava): Problems and progress in quantum chemical calculations of NMR parameters
19.01. Daniel Reitzner (RCQI): Neural networks II
14.01. Daniel Reitzner (RCQI): Neural networks I

17.12. Michal Sedlák (RCQI): On quantum combs and testers
03.12. Daniel Nagaj (RCQI): Quantum State Restoration, Single-copy Tomography and Quantum Money
19.11. Peter Rapčan (RCQI): Optimality of Luder's instruments
27.11. Karol Zyczkowski (Krakow, Poland): Geometry of quantum entanglement
09.11. Tomoyuki Morimae (Japan): Witness of macroscopic superposition and large multipartite entanglement in quantum many-body systems
28.10. Peter Staňo (RCQI): Ground state of interacting electron system - Lieb-Mattis theorem (1962)
15.10. Daniel Nagaj (RCQI): Fast universal quantum computation with railroad switch Hamiltonians
08.10. Sergej Filippov (Moskva): Tomograms: probability distribution as an alternative to the density operator
01.10. Mário Ziman (RCQI): Entanglement-annihilating versus entanglement-breaking channels
17.09. Tomáš Rybár (RCQI): Finite-depth quantum memory channels
10.09. Michal Sedlák (RCQI): Comparison of states, channels and measurements
18.08. Stephen Jordan (Caltech, USA): Permutational Quantum Computing
30.06. Davendra Kumar Mishra (India): A Study of Non-Classical Features of Optical Fields
19.06. Tomáš Tyc (Brno): Broadband Invisibility by Non-Euclidean Cloaking
17.06. Miroslava Sotáková: On the power of two-party quantum cryptography
19.05. Martin Raith (Regensburg): Orbital Effects of Transverse Magnetic Fields in Quasi Two-Dimensional Electron Systems
14.05. Jaroslav Fabián (Regensburg): Effective spin hamiltonians for solid state systems
12.05. Časlav Brukner (Wien): Resources for Simulating Quantum Measurements
05.05. Daniel Reitzner (RCQI): Coexistence of quantum operations
28.04. Fabio Baruffa (Regensburg): Anisotropic exchange in quantum dots
14.04. Philip Walther (Wien): Quantum Computing using Cluster States
07.04. Mário Ziman (RCQI): Testing the dimension of quantum system
27.03. Jaromír Řeháček (Olomouc, Czech Rep.): Optimal extraction of information from quantum pyramids
27.03. Zdeněk Hradil (Olomouc, Czech Rep.): Objective quantum tomography
24.03. Michal Sedlák (RCQI): Discrimination of two mixed states
19.03. Ressa Said (Sydney, Australia): Robust control of entanglement in a system of an NV center in diamond
18.03. Jason Twamley (Sydney, Australia): Giant-Kerr nonlinearities in Circuit-QED
24.02. Daniel Nagaj (RCQI): Improving probabilities in QMA algorithms
23.02. Yasser Omar (Lisbon, Portugal): Generation of entanglement in quantum wires
17.02. Peter Rapčan (RCQI): Multiple observations
21.01. Mark Hillery (USA): Quantum walks (colloquium)
13.01. Mário Ziman (RCQI): Entanglement of identical systems: indistinguishability vs superposition
05.01. Sarah Croke (Perimeter Institute, Canada): Maximum confidence discrimination

16.12. Mario Ziman (RCQI): [Q,P]=H seminar
09.12. Peter Staňo (RCQI): Rotating wave approximation and Mr. Shirley
26.11. Teiko Heinosaari (Univ. of Turku, Finland): On the concept of POVM coarse-graining
20.11. Daniel Reitzner (RCQI): Indistinguishable quantum walkers on a graph
28.10. Jarek Miszczak: (Gliwice, Poland) Superfidelity and subfidelity
21.10. Peter Rapčan: (RCQI) Improving photodetectors
16.10. Mario Ziman (RCQI): [q,p]=h seminar
14.10. Michal Sedlak (RCQI): Comparison of unitary channels
07.10. Tomáš Rybár (RCQI): On extremal quantum channels
29.09. Christof Wunderlich (University of Siegen, Germany): Ion implementation of quantum qubit channels
23.09. Daniel Nagaj (RCQI): Random walk algorithms for evaluating the permanent
22.07. Mário Ziman (RCQI): [Q,P]=H seminar
15.07. Tomáš Rybár (RCQI): Repeatability of quantum channels
16.06. Daniel Nagaj (MIT, USA): Lokálne Hamiltoniány v kvantovom počítaní
10.06. Daniel Reitzner (RCQI): Grover search and beyond
09.06. Martin Plenio (Imperial College, London, Great Britain): Entanglement area laws
09.06. Suzanne Huelga (United Kingdom): Quantum stochastic resonances
20.05. Peter Rapčan (Bratislava): Information equivalence of coarse-grained sharp POVMs
13.05. Erika Andersson (Edingburgh): Effective implementation of POVM / CP-valued master equations
08.04. Peter Staňo (Bratislava): Coexistence problem of qubit effects
01.04. Mario Ziman (Bratislava): Process POVM
27.03. Mario Ziman (Bratislava): [Q,P]=H seminar
25.03. Michal Sedlák (Bratislava): Quantum database recovery
18.03. Mario Ziman (Bratislava): Choi-Jamiolkowski process entropy
28.02. Mario Ziman (Bratislava): [Q,P]=H seminar
26.02. Daniel Reitzner (Bratislava): General quantum walks
18.02. Peter Stano (Bratislava): Quantum ring
04.02. Cosmo Lupo (Bratislava): Quantum State Decorrelation
29.01. Peter Rapčan (Bratislava): Clifford algebra valued hidden variables vs Bell's theorem
23.01. Gerard Milburn (Brisbane): Simulating unitary dynamical maps on a quantum computer
15.01. Jozef Kosik (Bratislava): Entanglement transfer using quantum memories
15.01. Mário Ziman (Bratislava): [Q,P]=H seminar
11.01. Istvan Nemeth (Sopron): Coherently pumped micromasers
07.01. Daniel Nagaj (MIT, USA): Hamiltonian Quantum Cellular Automata in 1D

11.12. Anna Jenčová (Bratislava): Smearings of observables
4.12. Mário Ziman (Bratislava): Unambiguous quantum comparison and discrimination problems
27.11. Peter Staňo (Bratislava): Electron spin having a nuclear spin bath
13.11. Michal Sedlák (Bratislava): Database of quantum information
06.11. Mário Ziman (Bratislava): Dividing quantum operations
23.10. Jozef Košík (Bratislava): Implementation of quantum memory via coherent forward scattering
30.10. Daniel Reitzner (Bratislava): SQW on Complete Graph
16.10. Bruce Shore (USA): How laser light affects atoms; a tutorial
09.10. Mário Ziman (Bratislava): Many word interpretation of MaxEnt principle
02.10. Teiko Heinonen (Bratislava): Coexistence of qubit observables
18.09. Ludmila Praxmeyer (Erlangen, Germany): Sub-Fourier FROG (time-frequency domain analogues of sub-Planck structures)
14.09. Cosmo Lupo (Napoli, Italy): On the robustness of holonomic quantum computation under parametric noise
10.09. Vratko Polak (FMFI UK, Bratislava): Many-worlds interpretation of measurement problem
05.09. Peter Rapcan (RCQI, Bratislava): Multiple observed quantum systems
21.8. Peter Stano (RCQI, Bratislava): Quantum dot as a qubit
14.8. Mario Ziman (Bratislava): MaxEnt principle in incomlete process estimation
19.06. Domenico D'Alessandro: (Iowa State University, Ames, USA) Decompositions of Unitary Evolutions and Dynamics of Quantum Systems
22.05. Alessio Serafini (Imperial College London, UK): Randomised Gaussian states: from typical entanglement to teleportation of squeezed alphabets
08.05. Zhi-Wei Wang (Hefei, China): The application of two-photon entangled states in experimental quantum information
18.05. Ming-Yong Ye (Hefei, China): Local distinguishability of orthogonal states and generators of SU(N)
03.05. Jacob Katriel (University of Haifa, Israel): Some many-body techniques that are applicable to entanglement
20.04. Peter Moczo (GU SAV, Bratislava): Časovo-frekvenčné porovnávanie signálov
17.04. Ondrej Hudak (TU Kosice): Two dimensional sine-Gordon equation, vortices and quantum computing
29.03. Teiko Heinonen (Univ. of Turku, Finland): (In)accuracy and joint measurements of quantum observables
25.01. Mark Hillery (CUNY, USA): Entanglement conditions for continuous-variable states

21.12. Denis Kochan (FMFI UK): Ako kvantovať sily?
05.12. Marco Piani (Univ. of Gdansk): Class of PPT bound entangled states associated to almost any set of pure entangled states
04.12. Karel Netočný (FU CSAV, Praha): Macroscopic states and fluctuations in quantum systems
04.12. Caterine-Eloisa Mora (Univ. of Innsbruck, Austria): Quantum Kolmogorov Complexity
24.11. Peter Staňo (University of Regensburg, Germany): Physical realization of a qubit: the role of spin-orbit interactions in semiconductor quantum dots.
23.11. Peter Rapčan (RCQI): Multiple observations of single qubit
09.11. Michal Sedlák (RCQI): Unambigous discrimination problems
19.10. Ondřej Přibyla (Masaryk University, Brno): Geometry of quantum states: Hopf fibrations
09.10. Ivan Hubač (FMFI UK, Bratislava): Elektrón-fonónové interakcie v molekulách. Štúdium cez kanonické transformácie.
06.10. Masahito Hayashi (Univ. of Tokyo): Optimal Visible Compression Rate For Mixed States Is Determined By Entanglement Of Purification
05.10. Martin Plesch (RCQI): Efficient cloning machines
02.10. Cristian Calude (Univ. of Auckland, New Zealand): An Exercise in De-Quantization
04.09. Jason Twamley (Macquarie univ., Sydney, Australia): Simulating higher transcendental mathematical functions with quantum mechanics
10.08. Metod Saniga (SAV): Projective Lines over Finite Rings
10.08. Michel Planat (CNRS, Bensacon, France): Geometry of spin interactions from finite fields and rings
31.07. Claudiu Genes (USA): Measurement-induced entanglement and cooperative decoherence effects in multilevel atom ensembles
13.07. Jozef Košík (RCQI): quant-ph/06xxxxx Quantum walks
06.07. Marián Roško (RCQI): quant-ph/0509073 Quantitative conditions do not guarantee the validity of the adiabatic approximation
27.06. Pavel Bóna (FMFI UK, Bratislava): Kvantové makroskopické veličiny a rovnovážne stavy v mean-field modeli
16.06. Pavel Bóna (FMFI UK, Bratislava): Opis makroskopických veličín a termodynamických rovnovážnych stavov v kvantovej teórii II
15.06. Mário Ziman (RCQI, Bratislava): quant-ph/0605224 Quantum Bit Commitment Revisited
02.06. Pavel Bóna (FMFI UK): Opis makroskopických veličín a termodynamických rovnovážnych stavov v kvantovej teórii
25.05. Martin Plesch (RCQI): quant-ph/0601210 An anomaly of non-locality
27.04. Michal Sedlák (RCQI): quant-ph/0601tba Imprinting quantum operations on quantum states
25.04. Jianming Cai and Xiangfa Zhou (Hefei, China): Quantum information research at LQCC
06.04. Myungshik Kim (Belfast, North Ireland): Quantum key distribution with blind polarizations
06.04. Denis Kochan (FMFI UK): quant-ph/0604011 Scaling of Berry's Phase Close to the Dicke Quantum Phase Transition
04.04. Daniel Reitzner (UPJS, Kosice): Modelling of symmetry breaking in magnetic nanoparticles
23.03. Derek McHugh (RCQI): quant-ph/0601210 An anomaly of nonlocality
21.03. Nobuyuki Imoto (Osaka University, Japan): Quantum Information Processing with Photons
16.03. Jozef Košík (RCQI): quant-ph/0602213 Continuous-Time Quantum Walks On Trees in Quantum Probability Theory
02.03. Marián Roško (RCQI): quant-ph/0602154 Geometric phases and criticality in spin systems
27.02. Jan Bouda (Siebersdorf Research, Austria): Quantum Anonymous Broadcast
20.02. Jaroslaw Miszczak (PAS, Gliwice, Poland): Quantum implementation of Parrondo's paradox
24.01. Erik Binder (VŠVU, Bratislava): Ukážka Kungst-fu
23.01 Mark Hillery (CUNY, New York) Things we are thinking about in Hunter College
18.01. Daniel Nagaj (MIT, Boston, USA): How to make quantum adiabatic algorithm fail


08.12. Michal Pitonak (FNS UK, Bratislava): Stručný prehľad metó kvantovej chémie
05.12. Tomo Yamakami (University of Tokyo): Indistinguishability of Two Quantum States and its Application to Quantum Cryptography
03.12. Peter L. Knight (Imperial College, London): Nonclassicality of light
24.11. Anatolij Dvurečenskij: (MU SAV) Algebraický prístup ku kvantovej informácii
24.11. Eva Majková: (FU SAV) Multivrstvy, nanoštruktúry, aktívne magnety
24.11. Ivan Kostič: (IU SAV) Elektrónová litografia
24.11. Vladimír Bužek: (RCQI) Optimálne spracovanie kvantovej informácie
24.11. Peter Štelmachovič (RCQI): quant-ph/0511225 Entanglement and the Foundations of Statistical Mechanics
24.11. Luis Lorenzo Sánchez Soto (Univ. of Madrid, Spain) Polarization of quantum states
14.11. Anton Šurda (FU SAV, Bratislava): Fázové prechody v systémoch s konečným počtom častíc
07.11. Anna Jenčová (MU SAV, Bratislava): Classical and quantum sufficiency
27.10 Marián Roško (RCQI): quant-ph/0510071 Quantum Phase Transition and Entanglement in the Detuned Dicke Model
20.10 Mario Ziman (RCQI): quant-ph/0510083 Universal uncertainty principle in measurement operator formalism
18.10 Tsuyoshi Ito (Japan): Bell inequalities combinatorial derivation and relevance
18.10 Jun Hasegawa (Japan): A quantum protocols to solve graph coloring game on Hadamard graphs
10.10 Michal Sedlák (RCQI, Bratislava): Models of quantum computation: one-way quantum computer
06.10 Derek McHugh (NUI Maynooth): quant-ph/0509197 "Effective spin quantum phases in system of trapped ions
29.09 Jozef Košík (RCQI, Bratislava): quant-ph/0401053 Spectra of quantized walks and a δε rule
27.09 Mario Ziman (RCQI, Bratislava): Physics of nonsignaling theories (devoted to prof. Štefan Barta)
26.09 Mario Ziman (RCQI, Bratislava): Physics from nonsignaling condition
22.09 Martin Plesch (RCQI, Bratislava): quant-ph/0508193 Entanglement from the Third Law of Thermodynamics
20.09 Jaromir Fiurášek (Palacky University, Olomouc): Protocols for read-out of atomic quantum memory for light II
19.09 Jaromir Fiurášek (Palacky University, Olomouc): Protocols for read-out of atomic quantum memory for light I
25.08 Mário Ziman (RCQI): quant-ph/0504166 Some open problems in quantum information theory
18.08 Lukáš Boháč (FI MUNI, Brno): Quantum group signatures
16.08 Jozef Šprojcar (FI MUNI, Brno): Classical and quantum protocols for secret elections
05.08 Carlos Pineda (UNAM, Mexico): Concurrence decay in a generic n-body systems
07.07 Dennis Kretchmann (IMAPH TU Braunschweig, Germany): Quantum memory channels
16.05 Tomáš Tyc (Masaryk University Brno, Czech Rep.): Teorie homodynní detekce
13.05 Peter Domokos (Hungarian Academy of Sciences): Mechanical effects of light on atoms in an optical resonator
10.05 Jan Bouda (Masaryk University, Brno): Kryptografie: problem autentifikace
13.04 Zsolt Bihary (Northwestern University Evanston, USA): Molecular electronics - Role of dephasing and electron correlation | video | ENG
04.04. Mário Ziman (RCQI, Bratislava): Multipartite entanglement: Quantifying the monogamy | video | SK
21.03. Daniel Nagaj (MIT, USA): Quantum simulations | video | SK
14.03. Vladimír Černý (FMFI UK, Bratislava): Kvantová kryptografia plug&play | video | SK
07.03. Metod Saniga (AU SAV, Tatranská Lomnica): Algebraicko geometrický model vnímania času (a priestoru) SK
31.01. Andrej Gendiar (EU SAV, Bratislava): Density Matrix Renormalization Group | video | SK
10.01. Daniel Nagaj (MIT, USA): Uvod do kvantového adiabatického počítania | video | SK


09.11. Paolo Mataloni (University of Rome): Generation of 2x2 and 4x4 two-photon states with tunable degree of entanglement and mixedness | video | EN
19.10. Géza Toth (MPQ, Garching): Detection of entanglement in spin chains
17.09. Martin Plesch (RCQI) Incomplete process reconstruction applied to experimental data
14.09. Peter Rapčan (RCQI) Quantum information processing tasks performed in spin chains
23.07. Serge Massar (Brussel) On quantum non-locality and quantum communication complexity
??.07. Matyas Koniorczyk (RCQI) Introduction to optical lattices
07.07. Mark Hillery (CUNY, New York) Quantum random walk search algorithm
11.05. Mário Ziman (RCQI) Geometry of qubit channels and reconstruction
06.04. Matyas Koniorczyk (RCQI) Quantisation of electromagnetic field III
04.03. Tamás Kiss (Univ. of Pecs) Has the constinuous viariables teleportation been realized?
02.03. Matyas Koniorczyk (RCQI) Quantisation of electromagnetic field II
24.02. Matyas Koniorczyk (RCQI) Quantisation of electromagnetic field I
23.02. Zuzka Dzuráková (RCQI) No cloning theorems
09.02. Mário Ziman (RCQI) On completely positive maps
26.01. Marián Roško (RCQI) Reconstruction of Wigner and Husimi functions


10.12. Carl Williams (NIST) Mott insulator transition and initialization of a neutral atom register
08.12. Jonathan Dowling (Pasadena) Schrodinger rainbow: The renaissance in quantum optical interferometry
07.11. časlav Brukner (Univ. of Wien) Entanglement can save on classical communication
06.11. Mark Hillery (CUNY, New York) Quantum random walk as scattering process
30.10. Mitja Perus (Univ. of Graz) Towards quantum image reconstruction
03.10. Mário Ziman (RCQI) POVM on measurement-assisted processors
02.10. Matyás Koniorczyk (RCQI) Ideas on simulations of quantum Markovian dynamics
19.09. Mário Ziman (RCQI) QID as basic element of quantum processor
18.09. Peter Štelmachovič (RCQI) Simulations of quantum homogenization
17.09. Jozef košík (RCQI) Quantum random walks with optical multiports


07.11. Karol Horodecki (Univ. of Gdansk) A unique measure of information
07.11. Ryszard Horodecki (Univ. of Gdansk) Local information
30.09. Marek šašura (RCQI) Trapped ions as quantum information processor
26.08. Stig Stenholm (Stockholm) Which entropy increases in time?
12.07. Peter štelmachovič (RCQI) Local subspaces and measure of entanglement
07.05. Mark Hillery (CUNY, New York) Finding eigenstates of unknown controlled-U gates
15.04. Jozef Košík (RCQI) Quantum random walks on a circle
09.04. Marek Zukowski (Univ. of Gdansk) Some news about Bell theorem
04.04. Myungshik Kim (Belfast) Quantum entanglement for continuous variables
04.03. Gabriel Drobný (RCQI) Reconstruction of quantum states
04.12. Jan Bouda (FI MU, Brno) Classical and quantum cryptography
11.02. Francesco de Martini (Univ. of Rome) Experimental violation of Bell inequalities
04.02. Marcus Arndt (Univ. of Wien) Interferometry with large molecules


18.12. Peter Hakel (RCQI) Spectroscopy in plasma physics
17.12. Viv Kendon (Imperial College, London) Entanglement in quantum computing
11.12. Daniel Nagaj (RCQI) On the best separable approximations of entangled states
04.12. Anatolij Dvurečenskij (MU SAV, Bratislava) Quantum structures
27.11. Mário Ziman (RCQI) Quantum processors - probabilistic regime
20.11. Mário Ziman (RCQI) Quantum processors - deterministic case
06.11. Mário Ziman (RCQI) Meaning of classical correlations II
30.10. Mário Ziman (RCQI) Meaning of classical correlations I
23.10. Miloslav Dušek (RCQI) Encoding measurements in quantum states