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Three kings conference / Trojkáľová konferencia
Annual one day meeting of Czech and Slovak physicists will be held on January 10th in QUTE Auditorium (RCQI, Institute of Physics of Slovak Academy of Sciences) in Bratislava. More information and registration form are available on the meeting website http://quantum.physics.sk/conf/3kk2020.
  19.09.2019 Publication
Influence of applied electric and magnetic fields on a thermally-induced reentrance of a coupled spin-electron model on a decorated square lattice
The combination of an exact and Corner Transfer Matrix Renormalization Group (CTMRG) methods is used to study an influence of external electric and magnetic fields on existence of intriguing reentrant magnetic transitions in a coupled spin-electron model on a decorated square lattice. The two-dimensional (2D) decorated square lattice with localized nodal spins and delocalized electrons is taken into account. It was found that the competition among all involved interactions (the electron hopping, spin-spin and spin-electron interaction, external electric and magnetic fields) in combination with thermal fluctuations can produce new type of reentrant magnetic transitions. Depending on the model parameters the non-zero fields can stabilize or destabilize magnetic reentrance. In addition, an alternative and more effective way, for modulating the magnetic reentrance is found. An origin of intriguing low-temperature round maximum in the specific heat was explained as a consequence of rapid changes in the sublattice magnetizations, which is induced through a competition of all presented interactions.
by Hana Čenčariková, Jozef Strečka, Andrej Gendiar
Physica E 115, 113717 (2020) | +++ |
EXSES APVV-16-0186
  03.09.2019 Award
Slovak Academy Award for Mark Hillery
Mark is our long-term collaborator and we are very happy he was awarded this prestigous prize. Congratulations! Mark has started to work in early 90s with Vladimír Bužek on quantum optics exactly when ideas around quantum information has emerged. Together they have published approx 50 research papers. The papers on approximate quantum cloning and quantum secret sharing cryptographic protocol have significantly impacted the field and belong to most cited physics research papers in Slovakia. Read more (in Slovak):
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28/01 11:00
Erkka Haapasalo (Shanghai)
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16.11.2019-26.01.2020 Chiranjib Mukhopadhyay
(Harish Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad, India)

25.1.2020-05.03.2020 Erkka Haapasalo
(Fudan University, Shanghai, China)

02.03.2020-06.03.2020 Dominik Hangleiter
(Freie university, Berlin, Germany)