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N E W S | old news |
  21.03.2024 CourseQute
Quantum photonic device engineering
Series of 5x90 min lectures during 16-18th April covering topics
• Single photon interference and sources
• Photon detectors and Photon counting technology
• Photon statistics: sub-poissonian light and squeezed states
• Multiphoton interference and limits to visibility
• Applications to Quantum key distribution and Metrology
• Linear optics quantum computation and simulation
Lectures are MSc/PhD friendly, but open for all interested (Elementary Quantum Theory course is assumed) and free of charge. Please register HΞRΞ (no registration deadline) to receive all information.

Speaker: Prof. John Rarity
Professor of Optical Communication Systems at the University of Bristol. He was one of the early pioneers for experimental quantum information science and performed original quantum cryptography and quantum network communication experiments using single photons and entanglement. He was awarded an ERC Advanced Grant and for his contributions to quantum optics he was elected fellow of the Royal Society in 2015.

    Tuesday 16/04 10:00-11:30, 13:30-15:00
    Wednesday 17/04 10:00-11:30, 13:30-15:00
    Thursday 18/04 10:00-11:30
Place: Auditorium QUTE, Institue of Physics, Bratislava

Organized and supported by Slovak National Center for Quantum Technologies QUTE.sk.
  16.03.2024 Workshop
Mini-workshop: superconductivity, correlations, transport and layered materials
29-30/04/2024, Bratislava, Slovakia

As before, a small workshop targeting current topics from superconductivity, correlated systems, altermagnetism, transport, etc. We asked speakers for more pedagogical talks, accessible to students in master and PhD programs, of course this can not be quarantined :) ... Workshop is free of charge and is open for all people interested to learn new things, meet new people, interact friendly and so on. There is no formal registration, but in order to plan coffee breaks please send "I will come" to email denis.kochan@savba.sk). The collection of speakers is closed and no poster session is organized.

PROGRAM venue: Auditorium QUTE, Institue of Physics, Bratislava
Monday, 29/04/2024
08:00 Registration/Administration duties
08:30 Richard Hlubina (Bratislava): On the Superconducting State of Anomalous Metals
09:10 Aline Ramires (Villigen): Superconductivity-Induced Improper Orders
10:30 Coffee
10:50 Ming Hao Liu (Tainan): Electronic Quantum Transport Simulation for 2D Materials
11:30 Florian Libisch (Wien): Moiré Phonons in Twisted Heterostructures
12:10 Lunch
13:40 Libor Šmejkal (Mainz): Altermagnetism: From Spintronics Anomalies to Unconventional Magnets
14:20 Mathias Scheurer (Stuttgart): Superconducting Diode Effect in Graphene Moiré Systems and Altermagnets
15:00 Marko Milivojevic (Bratislava): Interplay of Altermagnetism and Weak Ferromagnetism in Two-Dimensional RUF4
15:40 Coffee
16:00 Leonid Golub (Regensburg): Electrical Magnetochiral Current in Tellurium
16:40 Pavol Szabó (Košice): High Spin Polarization in Co 2 FeSn Heusler Nanowires for Spintronics
17:20 Paulo Eduardo Faria Junior (Regensburg): Valley Zeeman Physics in Van der Waals Matter
18:00 End
19:30 Dinner

Tuesday, 30/04/2024
08:10 Promo project Impulz
08:30 Andor Kormanyos (Budapest): Non-Local Andreev Reflection through Andreev Molecular States
09:10 Jorge Cayao (Uppsala): Majorana Bound States in Superconductor-Semiconductor Hybrids
10:30 Coffee
10:50 Andreas Costa (Regensburg): Supercurrent Diode Effect and Spin-Orbit Phenomena in Superconducting Junctions
11:30 Ján Smrek (Wien): Active Polymeric Materials
12:10 Lunch
13:40 Magdalena Marganska (Regensburg): Electronic Interactions and Superconductivity with Fragmented Fermi Surface
14:20 Maksym Serbyn (Wien): Multilayer Graphenes as a Platform for Superconductivity
15:00 Adolfo Otero Fumega (Aalto): Intrinsic Flat Bands and Emergent Phenomena in 2D Materials
15:40 Coffee
16:00 Tomáš Bzdušek (Zürich): Spectra and Topological Numbers in Hyperbolic Lattices
16:40 Roman Martoňák (Bratislava): Kinetic Pathways to the BC8 Structure in Carbon and Silicon
17:20 Juraj Hašík (Amsterdam): Tensor Networks: Applications to Physics and Numerics
18:00 End
19:30 Dinner

Orgs: Denis Kochan, František Herman
supported by IMPULZ project IM-2021-26 SuperSpin and SASPRO2 project No. 945478 AuDS
 Dom kultpry v Skalici (zdroj: TASR) 26.02.2024 Workshop
CEQIP 2024
Dear Bob,
I did not see you for couple of months. How are you doing? Nevermind you forgot gifts for Christmas. I know you did research. Quantum research, of course. Any new algorithm? Not? Some cryptographic improvement? ... No? Some interesting calculation and new insight? Think about it. Remember CEQIP? Also not? Do not worry. No one remembers everything.
      See you in June.
                            Your Sk.Alica
S E M I N A R S | more |
27/02 11:00
Sk Sazim (Warszawa)
Certification of multi-qubit quantum systems with temporal inequality

19/03 11:00
Riccardo Rivera Cardoso (Bratislava)
Classical simulation via stabilizers and stabilizer decompositions

26/03 11:00
Leevi Leppäjärvi (Bratislava)
V I S I T O R S | history |

19.02-04.03 Sazim Sk (Quantum Information Theory group, ​Center for Theoretical Physics PAS, Warszawa, Poland)
xx.03-30.11 Nayere Saberian (Department of Physics, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran), SAIA PhD scholarship program