• (10/15) Off to Japan, visiting Tomoyuki Morimae to finish a paper on restricted verifier QMA.
  • (9/15) Looking forward to the Frontiers workshop in Maryland.
  • (8/15) See you at AQIS in Seoul!
  • (7/15) I won a SASPRO (Marie Curie) grant, so I'm well settled and funded in Bratislava for the next 3 years.
  • (6/15) Looking forward to the Benasque workshop and Aneto (-:
  • (1/15) See you at QIP!
  • (12/14) Talking at QuPa in Paris, and TEDxSalon Bratislava.
  • (10/14) Back to Vienna for 3 months.
  • (9/14) Talking about bombs and quantum money at QCRYPT in Paris.
  • (7/14) Accepted to FOCS again, this time with a work on quantum expanders.
  • (1/14) A fantastic Quantum Hamiltonian Complexity semester in Berkeley starts!
  • (12/13) Teaching at the ICTP-VAST-APCTP winter school in Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • (10/13) You can meet me at FOCS, where I'll present our work on Quantum 3-SAT with David Gosset.
  • (9/13) I'll be teaching recitations for Caslav Brukner's introductory Quantum info course here in Vienna.
  • (9/13) You can meet me in Cambridge at the Newton Institute.
  • (6/13) Benasque quantum info workshop.
  • (3/13) Current topics update: QMA1, quantum walks and scattering algorithms, TPS and quantum chemistry, complexity of simple qutrit Hamiltonians.
  • (2/13) In Spring 2014, I'll be a fellow at the Simons Institute (Berkeley) for the Quantum Hamiltonian Complexity semester.
  • (1/13) For the second year in a row, we won the best poster award at QIP. This time with Quantum Speedup by Quantum Annealing, together with R.Somma and M.Kieferová.
  • (9/12) I am on leave of absence from the Slovak Academy of Sciences, working as a postdoc in the Verstraete group at UniWien.


Daniel Nagaj | researcher

a theoretical physicist living on the border of quantum information,
many-body physics and theoretical computer science


Students and teaching

  • Jozef Melicher (undergraduate, quantum walks & scattering)
  • Libor Caha (graduate, quantum complexity, papers)
  • Mária Kieferová (undergraduate, quantum walks & aqc, papers, currently a PhD student at IQC Waterloo)
  • Introduction to Quantum Information, Comenius University (spring 2011, spring 2012)
  • Quantum Information II, University of Vienna (with F.Verstraete, spring 2013)
  • Intro to Quantum Information, University of Vienna (with C.Brukner, fall 2013)

Work experience & references

  • curriculum vitae, list of grants and projects
  • Slovak Academy of Sciences | independent researcher, 2015-... | M. Ziman | RCQI Bratislava
  • Simons Institute | research fellow, 2014 | Z. Landau | Quantum Hamiltonian Complexity
  • University of Vienna | postdoc, 2012-2013 | F. Verstraete | Verstraete group
  • Slovak Academy of Sciences | postdoc, 2008-2012 | V. Bužek
  • MIT Center for Theoretical Physics | PhD, 2003-2008 | E. Farhi
  • Comenius University, Bratislava | undergrad, 1998-2003 | V. Bužek