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L I S T   O F   P U B L I C A T I O N S
  1. Peter Vrana, David Reeb, Daniel Reitzner, Michael M. Wolf:
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  2. Daniel Reitzner, Mário Ziman:
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  7. Daniel Reitzner, Daniel Nagaj, Vladimír Bužek:
    Quantum walk
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  16. D. Reitzner, D. Horváth:
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  1. Teiko Heinosaari, Jukka Kiukas, Daniel Reitzner, Jussi Schultz:
    Incompatibility breaking quantum channels
  2. Teiko Heinosaari, Jukka Kiukas, Daniel Reitzner:
    Noise Robustness of the Incompatibility of Quantum Measurements
  1. Daniel Reitzner:
    Comment on Afshar's experiment