P R O J E C T   M A X A P
MAXAP VEGA 2/0173/17

Title: Memory and causal structures and applications in quantum information processing
Duration: 01/01/2017 - 31/12/2019
Principal Investigator: Dr. Mário Ziman

Project Goals: Control of quantum dynamics is crucial for successful implementation of the ideas of quantum information processing. This project focuses on the role of memory effects and causality in the framework of quantum dynamics and their exploitation in qualitatively novel applications of quantum information processing. In particular, we will investigate mathematical structures of open system dynamical maps (induced by master equations generalizing the Schrodinger equations), develop resource theory for programmable quantum processors, identification of the microscopic essence of non-Markovianity, analyze benefits of non-causal probabilistic framework of quantum dynamics for information processing, and design verification protocols for detection of interesting memory features.

Researchers: Vladimír Bužek, Daniel Reitzner, Michal Sedlák, Peter Rapčan, Tomáš Rybár, Mário Ziman,