P R O J E C T   V E G A
DARG VEGA 2/0074/12

Title: Developmnet of algorithms for classification of phase transitions
Duration: 01/2012 - 12/2014
Principal Investigator: Andrej Gendiar

Project Goals:
  • Tensor product state optimization
  • Casimir force calculations
  • Spin models in 3D hyperbolic geometry

Researchers: Andrej Gendiar, Michal Daniška, Jozef Genzor

  1. Jozef Genzor, Vladimír Bužek, Andrej Gendiar: Thermodynamic model of social influence on two-dimensional square lattice: Case for two features, Physica A 420, 200-211 (2015) [arXiv:1403.1771]
  2. M. Zubaszewska, A. Gendiar, and A. Drzewiński: Capillary condensation in a square geometry with surface fields, Phys. Rev. E 86, 062104 (2012)
  3. Andrej Gendiar, Roman Krcmar, Sabine Andergassen, Michal Daniska, Tomotoshi Nishino: Weak correlation effects in the Ising model on triangular-tiled hyperbolic lattice, Phys. Rev. E 86, 021105 (2012) [arXiv:1205.3850]