P R O J E C T   V E G A
VEGA 2/0092/09

Title: Quantum walks and entanglement
Duration: 01/2009 - 12/2011
Principal Investigator: Vladimir Bužek

Project Goals: Project objectives cover three mutually interconnected research areas: I) quantum walks, II) quantum entanglement and III) quantum finite geometry structures. The main goal of the project is to relate all these three branches to develop novel quantum information processing concepts and tasks. Specifically we shall address the following problems:
- Analysis of the role of graph symmetry in quantum searches on graphs exploiting the scattering quantum walks.
- Classification of quantum walks generalizing the same classical random walk. Particular attention will be paid to the role of measurement and decoherence in the quantum-to-classical transition.
- Analysis of the role of memory in random and quantum walks.
- Investigation of joint quantum walks of many interacting walkers on the same graph.
- Quantum walk in position space defined by generalized measurement associated with some POVM. Relation between discrete and continuous quantum walks.
- Study of the dynamics of entanglement under bilocal quantum channels.
- Robustness of multipartite entanglement with respect to local channels.
- Introduction of projective ring geometrical framework for multiple-qudit system.
- Role of finite geometry in quantification of entanglement.

Researchers: Mário Ziman, Vladimír Bužek, Metod Saniga, Daniel Reitzner, Daniel Nagaj, Martin Plesch