P R O J E C T   D e Q H O S T

Title: Designing quantum higher order structures
Duration: 01/07/2023 - 30/06/2026
Principal Investigator: Dr. Djeylan Aktas
IPSAS Budget: 152 194 eur (total budget 200 000 eur)
  • Institute of Physics SAS (M. Ziman) - coordinator
  • Mathematical Institute SAS (A. Jenčová)

Project Goals: The basis of today’s quantum technologies originates in quantum foundations research performed in the last century, which redefined the concept of information and set new theoretical limitations on information processing. This new information-theoretic perspective resulted in development of resource theories, general probabilistic theories and higher order quantum structures - the frameworks not only extending the quantum theory, but also enabling technologies beyond the quantum ones. DeQHOST will contribute to development of higher order concepts and methods, investigation of their mathematical frameworks, and optimizat ion of newly designed information processing protocols. The activities of the project are organized in three workpackages focused on higher order structures, resources and tasks, respectively. In particular, we plan to explore extensions and modification of the existing frameworks of higher order maps, in quantum theory and in the more general setting of operational theories, with the aim to unite their desirable features and maximize the scope of describable types of phenomena such as causal non-separability. Our goal is to understand how these frameworks can be utilized for optimization of tasks in future networks of quantum devices. One of the objectives will be the development of a higher order calculus for unitary channels. In our study of resources, we will concentrate on incompatibility of quantum instruments, channels and possible extensions to higher order maps. We will study memory effects as a resource for information processing and generalize a resource theoretic approach to quantum thermodynamics. Our findings will be applied to specific tasks as designing programmable quantum processors, discrimination of memory channels, comparison and convertibility of higher order maps and a study of complexity questions in the higher order setting.

Researchers: Vladimír Bužek, Seed Arash Ghoreishi, Denis Kochan, Denisa Lampášová, Hamed M. Mohammady, Daniel Nagaj, Riccardo Riviera Cardoso, Michal Sedlák, Soham Sau, Leevi Leppajarvi, Mário Ziman