P R O J E C T   Q U A S I M O D O

Title: Quantum Simulations and Modelling of Interaction Networks
Duration: 01/01/2022 - 31/12/2025
Principal Investigator: Dr. Andrej Gendiar

Project Goals: The project aims to simulate quantum systems to understand the mechanisms of quantum entanglement concerning the interactions among particles (electrons/spins and photons) that are exposed to various external fields, typically magnetic ones. In specific cases, quantum correlations may suddenly amplify, which is reflected in macroscopic quantities. In theory, they behave non-analytically, while in the experiment, maxima (minima) or sudden jump changes are observed. Our task is to numerically simulate these processes and classify them by entanglement entropy. Simulations combine theory with experimental measurements. While in theory, we can solve only a small number of problems exactly, numerical simulations can cover a relatively large area of non-trivial problems. In this project, we will explore new quantum systems using state-of-the-art numerical methods, which we will formulate and implement. We will design conditions for devices under which it will be possible to perform experimental measurements.

Researchers: Krčmár Roman, Rapčan Peter, Staňo Peter, Grajcar Miroslav, Neilinger Pavol, Móller Natália, Kochan Denis, Andrej Gendiar