Currently, there are few PhD positions open at our research center starting in September 2021. If interested, please get in contact before 31/03/2021 (as soon as possible) with a potential PhD advisor (attach your cv, motivation letter and someone who may write recommendation letter for you) and follow his/her instructions. Below are potential PhD topics.
  • M├írio Ziman
    • Optimalisation of higher-order quantum structures
    • Quantum verification methods
    • Quantum information structures in space-time
    • Quantum network communication and security
    Send your application to ziman@savba.sk
  • Andrej Gendiar
    • Quantum mechanics in the language of tensor networks
    Send your application to gendiar@savba.sk
  • Daniel Nagaj
    • Quantum Hamiltonian complexity (complexity theory for physical systems)
    • Quantum optimization (quantum algorithms)
    Send your application to nagaj@savba.sk.

About PhD study with us: The length of the PhD study is 4 years, for which the PhD student is supported by the state academic stipend (netto 807,50 EUR eur/month and 940.50 eur/month after midterm exam). Depending on the performance and availability of resources we are offering additional funding. Phd students are provided with reasonable budget for travel (schools, conferences, research stays) and have opportunities to apply for their own grants. Office and computer facilities are provided. The accommodation is offered for approx 80 eur/month in students dormitory and let us note that living expenses in Bratislava are not extremely high (google it).