Currently, there are PhD positions open at our research center starting in September 2023. If interested, please get in contact before 28/02/2023 (extended to 28/03/2023 for marked topics, but the sooner the better) with a potential PhD advisor (attach your cv, motivation letter and provide contact to someone who may potentially write a recommendation letter for you) and follow his/her instructions. We are sharing your applications, so might be you will be redirected to someone else. Also if you are uncertain about the advisor, or topic, just choose randomly and your application will be processed in the best possible way.

Below are our suggestions for PhD topics, but we are flexible to add new ones ...
* deadline for submission extended to 28/03/2023

About PhD study with us: The length of the PhD study is 4 years during which PhD student receives stipend starting with net(=tax-free) stipend 950 eur/month and increasing above 1100 eur/month after midterm dissertation exam closing the education half of the PhD program. For PhD students within skQCI project (experimental quantum photonics and networks) we are offering 1600 eur/month. In particular, the mid-term exam consists of the oral examination from the the studied subjects and the defense of the written PhD research project defining research goals and methods of the PhD student. The research half of the PhD program is ending with the defense of the PhD dissertation. In order to be accepted for the defense the student is expected to publish at least two research papers.

The selection process is relatively complex and happens in three steps:
1. Selection by the advisors of Research Center for Quantum Information.
2. Selection process by Institute of Physics committee among candidates applying for common institutional funding.
3. Admission process at the university by the dedicated PhD program committee.

Depending on the research performance and availability of resources we are offering additional funding in form of renumeration. Phd students are provided with reasonable budget for research visits and to attend schools, or conferences. Office and computer facilities are provided. The institutional accommodation is offered for approx 120 eur/month in students dormitory and let us note that living expenses in Bratislava are lower than in "West" European cities (google it, or do not hesitate to ask our current PhD students).