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availaible topics for students:
• PhD: Identification of quantum devices
• PhD: Dynamical properties of multipartite quantum entanglement
• Mgr: Maximum entropy principle in estimation of quantum processes
• Bc/Mgr: Second law of thermodynamics for quantum systems
• Bc/Mgr: Weak randomness in entanglement distilation
• and few others ...

More detailed information about these topics you can find on webpages of the Reasearch Center for Quantum Information. I am happy to suggest also different topics as you can find here depending on current research interests. If interested, do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail.

•  Mathematical structures of quantum theory, FMFI UK, Bratislava
•  Selected chapters from quantum mechanics, FI MU Brno
•  Hot topics in quantum information processing, FI MU Brno
•  Introduction to quantum information theory, FMFI UK, Bratislava

graduate students (PhD)
  • Libor Caha, Quantum 2SAT, IP SAS, Bratislava (since 2012), jointly with D.Nagaj
  • Tomáš Rybár, Quantum channels with memory, IP SAS, Bratislava (08/2012), jointly with V.Bužek
undergraduate students (Mgr)
  • Lenka Moravčíková, Dynamics of quantum entanglement, FMFI UK, Bratislava (06/2009)
  • Martin Piják, Imperfect quantum key distribution, FMFI UK, Bratislava (06/2009)
  • Tomáš Rybár, Quantum memory channels, FMFI UK, Bratislava (06/2008)
  • Martina Bieliková, Quantum concepts in cryptography, FMFI UK, Bratislava (2005)
bachelor students (Bc)
  • Šimon Valko, Imperfections of private quantum channels, FMFI UK, Bratislava (since 2012)
  • Ján Hreha, Partial quantum teleportation, FMFI UK, Bratislava (06/2010)