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List of my talks/posters (last time modified)

Invited conference talks

  1. 15.6.2014, When noise beats entanglement, 46th Symposium on Mathematical Physics -Information Theory & Quantum Physics, Torun, Poland
  2. 11.9.2012, Direct estimation of decoherence channels, COQUIT workshop, Torino, Italy
  3. 23.6.2009, Process POVM, Feynman Festival 2009, Olomouc, Czech Republic
  4. 24.5.2009, Unambiguous identification of coherent states, CEWQO, Turku, Finland
  5. 1.6.2008, Discrimination of quantum observables, CEWQO, Belgrad, Serbia
  6. 30.8.2007, Quantum programmable processors, International Summer School in Quantum Information Processing and Control, Maynooth, Ireland
  7. 30.5.2007, Quantum-based privacy, Quantum Algorithms and Applications, Blue mountains, Australia
  8. 11.4.2007, Lecture on Quantum Estimation, IQING 5, Innsbruck, Austria
  9. 13.9.2006, Entanglement vs local operations, Quantum communications and security, Gdansk, Poland
  10. 24.5.2006, Universality and optimality questions of programmable quantum processors, CEWQO Wien, Austria
  11. 14.5.2005, Reconstruction of quantum states and processes, RESQ meeting, Budapest, Hungary
  12. 13.10.2004, Univerzálny kvantový procesor, 14. Konferencia slovenských fyzikov, Smolenice, Slovakia
Contributed conference talks
  1. 13.3.2014, Dissociation and annihilation of mutlipartite entanglement structure, Entanglement Detection and Quantification, Bilbao, Spain
  2. 21.9.2009, Introduction to quantum entanglement, V4 school on quantum information, Budmerice, Slovakia
  3. 26.9.2008, Identification of quantum devices, School on Mathematical Physics, Stará Lesná
  4. 7.6.2008 Process POVM, CEQIP 2008, Telč, ČR
  5. 25.9.2007, Short introduction to quantum entanglement, Autumn Student School on Mathematical Physics, Stará Lesná, Slovakia
  6. 1.8.2007, Quantum Entanglement, Finite projective geometries in quantum theory, Tatranska Lomnica, Slovakia
  7. 24.6.2007, One time pad in quantum settings, CEQIP 2007, Valtice, Czech Republic
  8. 17.3.2007, Quantum process estimation, QAP SP4 meeting, Maria Laach, Germany
  9. 11.12.2006, Overview on programmable quantum processors, YEP meeting 2006, Budmerice, Slovakia
  10. 7.5.2006, Entanglement-induced ordering under local operations,CEQIP 2006, Znojmo, Czech Republic
  11. 14.10.2005, Towards quantum-based privacy and voting, YEP meeting 2005, Budmerice, Slovakia
  12. 9.6.2005, Collision models, Central European Quantum Information Processing 2005, Znojmo, Czech Republic
  13. 20.5.2004, On the structure of qubit CP maps, QIT Workshop in Malá Morávka, Czech republic
  14. 29.3.2004, Quantum homogenization: From collision model to master equation, Middle European Cooperation for Statistical Physics 29, Bratislava, Slovakia
  15. 3.12.2004, All (qubit) decoherences, YEP meeting 2004 in Budmerice, Slovakia
  16. 1.5.2003, The role of entanglement and correlations in quantum dense coding, YEP meeting 2003, Budmerice, Slovakia
  17. 19. 12.2002, On classical and quantum cryptography, Tyzden Absolventov MatFyzu, Bratislava, Slovensko
  18. 11.7.2002, Quantum homogenization:Saturation of CKW inequalities in physical processes, Wigner centennial conference in Pecs, Hungary
  19. 24.4.2002, Implementation of quantum maps by programmable quantum processors,YEP meeting 2002, Obergurgl, Austria
  20. 19.8.2001, On the local unitary equivalence of multi-partite states, NATO Advanced Research Workshop: Modality, Probability and Bell theorem, Krakow, Poland
  21. 27. 01. 2001, Generalized evolution of open quantum systems, Winter school of theoretical physics, Horni Polubni, Czech Republic
  22. 01.2000, Quantum dense coding, Winter school of theoretical physics, Horni Polubni, Czech Republic
Other talks
  1. 1.10.2009, Entanglement-annihilating versus entanglement-breaking channels, RCQI seminar, Bratislava
  2. 1.7.2009, A framework for process tomography experiments, University of Wien, Nonlocal seminar
  3. 7.4.2009 ,Testing the dimension of quantum system, RCQI seminar, Bratislava
  4. 13.1.2009, Entanglement of identical systems: indistinguishability vs superposition, RCQI seminar, Bratislava
  5. 3.12.2008, Research in RCQI 2008, IPSAS annual seminar, Bratislava
  6. 1.4.2008, Process POVM, Mathematical Institute SAS, Bratislava
  7. 18.3.2008, Choi-Jamiolkowski process entropy, RCQI seminar, Bratislava
  8. 6.11.2007, Dividing quantum operations, RCQI seminar, Bratislava
  9. 29.10.2007, Open system dynamics: collision models, Jagelonian university, Cracow, Poland
  10. 9.10.2007, Many words on MaxEnt principle, RCQI seminar, Bratislava
  11. 14.8.2007, MaxEnt principle in incomlete process estimation, RCQI seminar, Bratislava
  12. 23.6.2006, Quantification of entanglement vs. local actions, Nonlocal seminar, Wien university, Wien, Austria
  13. 15.6.2006, Quantum Bit Commitment Revisited, RCQI seminar , Bratislava
  14. 29.5.2006, Quantum Process Estimation Procedures, von Neumann workshop, Budapest, Hungary
  15. 25.4.2006, Uncertainty relations, KTF seminar, FMFI UK, Bratislava
  16. 16.3.2006, Overview on quantum estimation problems, QIS seminar, Macquarie university, Sydney, Australia
  17. 27.1.2006, Entanglement and purity under local operations, DAMPT seminar, Cambridge university, England
  18. 29.11.2005, Physical theories based on nosignalling condition, KTF seminar, FMFI UK Bratislava
  19. 18.11.2005, Entanglement, Purity and MEMS, Nonlocal seminar, Bratislava
  20. 20.10.2005, Universal uncertainty principle in measurement operator formalism, RCQI seminar, Bratislava,
  21. 27.9.2005, Physics of nonsignaling theories, RCQI seminar, Bratislava,
  22. 26.9.2005, Physics from nosignaling condition, RCQI seminar, Bratislava
  23. 25.8.2005, Some open problems in quantum information theory, RCQI seminar, Bratislava,
  24. 8.7.2005, Decoherence due to collisions and unitary randomizations, NUI Maynooth, Ireland (invited)
  25. 7.7.2005, How to vote with quantum systems, NUI Maynooth, Ireland (invited)
  26. 18.5.2005, Collision models, master equations and entanglement, Workshop on quantum tomography, Pavia, Italy
  27. 4.4.2005, Multipartite entanglement: quantifying the monogamy, RCQI seminar, Bratislava
  28. 4. 2.2005, On decoherence in quantum systems, Nonlocal seminar , Wien University, Austria
  29. 26.11.2004, Role of entanglement in dense coding, A2 consortium meeting in Braunschweig, Germany
  30. 17. 11.2004, Quantum collision models, Technical University Braunschweig, Germany
  31. 10.11.2004, Quantum processors, Technical University Braunschweig, Germany
  32. 4.11.2004, Process reconstruction from incomplete data, Technical University Braunschweig, Germany
  33. 11.5.2004, Geometry of qubit channels and reconstructions, RCQI seminar, Bratislava
  34. 9.2.2004, On completely positive maps, RCQI seminar, Bratislava
  35. 3.10.2003, POVM on measurement-assisted processors, RCQI seminar, Bratislava
  36. 19.9.2003, QID as basic element of quantum processor, RCQI seminar, Bratislava
  37. 27.11.2001, Quantum processors-probabilistic regime, RCQI seminar, Bratislava
  38. 20.11.2001, Quantum processors-deterministic regime, RCQI seminar, Bratislava
  39. 6.11.2001, Meaning of classical correlations II, RCQI seminar, Bratislava
  40. 30.10.2001, Meaning of classical correlations I, RCQI seminar, Bratislava
Conference posters
  1. 26.6.2012, Direct estimation of decoherence channels, New directions in Quantum Statistics, Nottingham, Great Britain
  2. 17.10.2007, Unambiguous identification of coherent states, QUROPE 2007, Barcelona, Spain
  3. 1.2.2005, Quantum homogenization, Obergurgl meeting 2005, Obergurgl, Austria
  4. 3.2005, Correlation-assisted quantum communication, ESF-JSPS Frontier Science Conference Series for Young Researchers, Shonan Village, Japan
  5. 15. 6.2004, POVMs on programmable quantum processors, Entanglement, Information and Noise, Krzyzowa, Poland
  6. 10.6.2004, Quantum homogenization:From collision models to master quations, 36th Symposium on Mathematical Physics: Open Systems and Quantum Information, Torun, Poland
  7. 15.7.2003, Programmable quantum device, 4th European QIPC workshop, Oxford, Great Britain
  8. 6.9.2003, Collision model of decoherence, 2nd workshop on Entanglement and Decoherence of Complex Quantum Systems, Wien, Austria
  9. 25.3.2002, Deterministic implementation of quantum maps, Quantum Information and Quantum Entanglement in San Feliu de Guiloix, Spain
  10. 15. 7.2001, Quantum processors, Quantum Information Perspectives in Gdansk, Poland
Popular talks
  1. 25.11.2008 Kvantové hry pre začiatočníkov, DoD FÚ SAV, Bratislava