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Attended conferences

     21.09-27.09 V4 quantum school, Budmerice, Slovakia
     22.06-26.06 Feynman festival, Olomouc, Czech Republic
     01.06-04.06 CEQIP 2009, Jindrichuv Hradec, Czech Republic
     23.05-27.05 Central-European Workshop on Quantum Optics, Turku, Finland
     22.08.-29.08. Student Colloquium and School on Mathematical Physics, Stara Lesna, Slovakia
     04.07.-09.07. Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting, Lindau, Germany
     05.06.-08.06. CEQIP 2008, TelĨ, Czech Republic
     30.05.-03.06. Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics, Beograd, Serbia
     05.03.-07.03. QIPC Cluster Review Meeting, Paris, France
     15.10.-19.10. QUROPE 2007, Barcelona, Spain
     22.09.-27.09. Autumn school on Mathematical Physics, Stara Lesna, Slovakia
     26.08.-31.08. Summer School in Quantum Information Processing and Control, Maynooth, Ireland
     24.06.-27.06. CEQIP 2007, Valtice, Czech Republic
     20.06.-24.06. Identifying quantum states and operations, Budmerice, Slovakia
     28.05.-01.06. Quantum Applications and Algorithms, Blue Mountains, Australia
     11.04.-14.04. IQING 5, Innsbruck, Austria
     14.03.-17.03. QAP SP4 meeting, Maria Laach, Germany
     11.12.-14.12. YEP meeting 2006, Budmerice, Slovakia
     13.10-14.10. 7th European QIPC Workshop, London, UK
     27.09-01.10. QAP Focus meeting: Quantum Process Estimation, Budmerice, Slovakia
     10.09-13.09. NATO workshop: Quantum Communication and Security, Gdansk, Poland
     22.05.-26.05. Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics, Wien, Austria
     04.05.-08.05. CEQIP 2006, Znojmo, Czech Republic
     11.10.-15.10. YEP meeting 2005 Budmerice, Slovakia
     06.06.-09.06. CEQIP, Znojmo, Czech Republic
     12.05.-14.05. RESQ Meeting, Budapest, Hungary
     11.03.-18.03. ESF-JSPS Frontier Science Conference Series for Young Researchers Kanagawa, Japan
     27.02.-05.03. Obergurgl meeting, Obergurgl, Austria
     21.02.-26.02. Workshop on Mathematical Methods in Quantum Mechanics, Bressanone, Italy
     22.01.-28.01. Oberwolfach meeting, Oberwolfach, Germany
     14.12.-16.12. Tyzden Absolventov MatFyzu Bratislava, Slovakia
     30.11.-4.12 YEP meeting 2004, Budmerice, Slovakia
     26.11. A2 Consortium meeting, Braunschweig, Germany
     22.08.-29.08. Future directions Cambridge, England
     14.07.-20.07. Entanglement, information and noise Krzyzowa, Poland
     09.07.-12.07. 36th Symposium on Mathematical Physics Torun, Poland
     20.05.-23.05. QIT Workshop Malá Morávka, Czech Republic
     25.04.-31.04. Decoherence, Entanglement and Information Protection Les Houches, France
     28.03.-31.03. MECO 29 Bratislava, Slovakia
     11.12.-14.12. Focus meeting: Few qubits applications Budmerice, Slovakia
     22.09.-26.09. Triangle school Raach, Austria
     05.09.-07.09. 2nd worshop on Entanglement and Decoherence of Complex Quantum Systems Wien, Austria
     13.07.-17.07. 4th European QIPC workshop Oxford, England
     29.04.-04.05. YEP meeting 2003 Budmerice, Slovakia
     26.01.-01.02. Winter school of mathematical physics Horni Polubny, Czech Republic
     15.12.-18.12. Tyzden Absolventov MatFyzu Bratislava, Slovakia
     02.09-07.09. International school on Quantum Information and Computation Lisbon, Portugal
     08.07-13.07. Wigner's centennial conference Pecs, Hungary
     20.04.-24.04. YEP 2002 meeting Obergurgl, Austria
     23.03-27.03. Quantum Information and Quantum Entanglement San Felioux de Guiloaix, Spain
     09.09.-13.09. Triangle school of Theoretical Physics Modra, Slovakia
     16.08.-21.08. NATO advanced workshop: Bell's theorems Krakow, Poland
     12.07-18.07. Quantum Information Perspectives Gdansk, Poland
     12.01-19.01. Winter school of mathematical physics Horni Polubni, Czech rep.
     18.11-23.11. Bell conference Wien, Austria
     08.07-13.07. Quantum Computing,Measuremnts Capri, Italy
     18.01-23.01. Winter school of mathematical physics Horni Polubni, Czech rep.