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  6.1.2019 Conference
CEQIP 2019
We are happy to announce that 16th CEQIP workshop will be held in June (3-6) and this year we will explore a completely new venue - kings town Skalica (Vitriol). We expect the registration and the submission will be open in February and closed in mid March. Looking forward to see you there.
  11.12.2018 Publication
Tensor-network study of a quantum phase transition on the Sierpiński fractal
The transverse-field Ising model on the Sierpiński fractal, which is characterized by the fractal dimension log23≈1.585, is studied by a tensor-network method known as the higher-order tensor renormalization group. We analyze the ground-state energy and the spontaneous magnetization in the thermodynamic limit. The system exhibits the second-order phase transition at the critical transverse field hc=1.865. The critical exponents β≈0.198 and δ≈8.7 are obtained. Complementary to the tensor-network method, we make use of the real-space renormalization group and improved mean-field approximations for comparison.
by Roman Krcmar, Jozef Genzor, Yoju Lee, Hana Čenčariková, Tomotoshi Nishino, and Andrej Gendiar
Phys. Rev. E 98, 062114 (2018) | +++ |
EXSES (APVV-16-0186)
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22/01 11:00
Jozef Genzor (Kjoto)
Classical Ising model on 3D fractal lattice & Sierpiński carpet
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02.05-30.11 Seyed Arash Ghoreishi
(Ferdowsi university of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran)

22.05-26.10 Teiko Heinosaari
(University of Turku, Turku, Finland)

11.11-14.11 Mark Hillery
(City University New York, United States of America)

30.11-14.12 David Davalos
(Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico City, Mexico)

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