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  22.09.2016 lecture
James Webb Space Telescope
Scott Acton, a scientist who works on the James Webb Space Telescope, is bicycling around the world, stopping to teach others about this amazing next generation space telescope. Come hear about his journey, and the science that inspired it!
Time: Friday 23.9.2016, 9:00
Place: QUTE Auditorium, QUTE building, Institute of Physics SAS, Bratislava
  10.09.2016 Research publication
Quantum Incompatibility in Collective Measurements
We study the compatibility (or joint measurability) of quantum observables in a setting where the experimenter has access to multiple copies of a given quantum system, rather than performing the experiments on each individual copy separately. We introduce the index of incompatibility as a quantifier of incompatibility in this multi-copy setting, as well as the notion of the compatibility stack representing various compatibility relations present in a given set of observables. We then prove a general structure theorem for multi-copy joint observables and use it to prove that all abstract compatibility stacks with three vertices have realizations in terms of quantum observables.
by Claudio Carmeli, Teiko Heinosaari, Daniel Reitzner, Jussi Schultz and Alessandro Toigo
Mathematics 4, 54 (2016), |+++|
APVV-14-0878 (QETWORK), VEGA-2/0151/15 (QWIN), SASPRO 0055/01/01 (QWIN)
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23/09 11:00
Martin Plávala (Bratislava)
Equivalence classes of measurements on channels and combs

30/10 11:00
Bill Fefferman (Washington)
The Power of Quantum Fourier Sampling

04/10 11:00
Cedric Yen-Yu Lin (Washington)
Hamiltonian Simulation with Optimal Sample Complexity
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29.09-06.10 Cedric Yen-Yu Lin
(Joint Quantum Institute, University of Maryland, Washington, USA)

29.09-05.10 Bill Fefferman
(Joint Quantum Institute, University of Maryland, Washington, USA)

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