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Research Center for Quantum Information
Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences
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  15.08.2014 Research publication
Optimal entanglement-assisted discrimination of quantum measurements
We investigate optimal discrimination between two projective single-qubit measurements in a scenario where the measurement can be performed only once. We consider general setting involving a tunable fraction of inconclusive outcomes and we prove that the optimal discrimination strategy requires an entangled probe state for any nonzero rate of inconclusive outcomes. We experimentally implement this optimal discrimination strategy for projective measurements on polarization states of single photons. Our setup involves a real-time electrooptical feed-forward loop which allows us to fully harness the benefits of entanglement in discrimination of quantum measurements. The experimental data clearly demonstrate the advantage of entanglement-based discrimination strategy as compared to unentangled single-qubit probes.
by M. Miková, M. Sedlák, I. Straka, M. Mičuda, M. Ziman, M. Ježek, M. Dušek, and J. Fiurášek
Phys. Rev. A 90, 022317 (2014) |+++|
COQI (APVV-0646-10), QUICOST (VEGA 2/0125/13), COST Action MP1006
  15.03.2014 Summer school
Qute-Europe Summer School 2014 (QESS 2014)
Starting your graduate in quantum information science and looking for right move for your PhD study? Come to our school on current challenges and elementary paradigms of quantum information processing. The school is organized from 18-28 August in charming Smolenice castle (Slovakia). To learn more details visit the school website http://quantum.physics.sk/conf/qess2014/. Support (provided by QUTE-EUROPE Coordination Action) is available and early deadline is 15/04/2014.
  21.02.2014 Conference
CEQIP 2014
This year in Znojmo (Czech republic), 5-8 June. Traditionally, excellent speakers, unforgettable athmosphere, delicious food and wine testing, unbreakable cipher game, adrenalyn underground experience, etc. Check more details on workshop website http://ceqip.eu/. Deadline for submission is April, 1st, seriously :-)
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22/09 13:00
Gabor Ballo (Veszprem)
Adaptive estimation method for Pauli channels
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8.09-13.09 Takayuki Miyadera
(Kyoto University, Japan)

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